Friday, March 31, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes March 31

Friday, March 31

coheres in trimmed thwarts. appropriated by. provokes enactment. accelerate accurately. irreversible complexion. film brochure with push-pins. dispense with. sufficient. disrupted by. announcement tears. disc was damaged. adhesive smudge. inserted in. apricot spread on toast. weather instead of. replace. comparable to. immediate in clothes. subway includes. with isolated. acacias amplified by. scribbled in pencil. continuous fold. attached to. emerge as. substitute their shoulders. aquarium luminous cling. adhesives blur. pedestrians soaked. complete dispersion. calf roping is immediate. abrupt measurements. secured as evidence. discourage the drive across. various thoughts. accumulate with. the distance between Bach and Joan Tower. 300 years. sometimes, the room is only 46 minutes. occupants correlate. furniture wrapped in. confine. pavement as. access sustained by. 5 months. "dance furthers the plot." familiar requirement. Mo' Wax provides. "acrobats change the size of their bodies when they rotate." with noise. "let me pick up the Revlon for you." refrigerates bread. "imputes a similar." 12 Tuesdays accustomed to. film begins. with proximity. inflicted by. plates distend interior. equivalent to. spatial instance. atrium situates


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