Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes September 28

Tuesday, September 26

about Japanese Language Phrases
about Surrender (Arms) - Buki wo watase
about Surrender - Koosan
about Halt - Tomare
about Lay your weapons on the ground – Buki wo shita ni oke
about Definitions
about Buki - Weapons
about Shitani – On the ground
about Oke - Lay
about Move ahead - Susume
about Hands up – Ryo te wo agero
about Definitions
about Susume – Advance or move forward
about Ryo - Both
about Te – Hand or hands
about Agero – Raise
about Move back - Sagare

about “same these lists and study them”
about “of, behind, or”
about mizugi (swimsuits) for several weeks
about fluently, all erections
about unaccented, weather almost
about Mizugi wo shita ni oke – Lay your swimsuits on the ground

Wednesday, September 27

about two bodies supported by four legs
about ice shampoo
about insert “radio surgery”
about Hara Setsuko
about bicycle films
about “I get lost in your kisses”
about swimsuits with attendant
about “score for objects and words by 102 poets”

Thursday, September 28

about “I lost someone’s foot today”
about dance is not in the music
about “Each person is in the best seat”
about page 97 / Silence
about film posters folded in halves
about define in adhesives
about “slaughter in Pakistan, slaughter on the autoban”
about furaipan ice cream
about Hildegard Knef singing Holiday Time (1971)

Misora Hibari question
define in

swimsuits with attendant
“score for

dance is not
in the


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