Sunday, November 19, 2006

a poem for two evenings

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Saturday, November 18

erase train as the door closes, Yurakucho Station, 1976

erase feet from tongue

“erase in circles instead of straight lines”

erase from neck before inserting hand

erase Kabukiza seating diagrams

erase Tetoron stencil polyester cloth

erase contortionist Mongolia

erase amor a palos nipples

how to erase “from my neck”

erase she adds “by inserting them”

erase chest to achieve desired cleavage

erase nipples collected on tongue

erase wild geese in explicit delay

erase female criminals, unattended

erase girl with no hands clapping

“her voice is
already there,

can’t erase it”
cunt in

Glen Campbell erases with Nancy Sinatra

discuss erase in Shanghai films

“Somebody wants to erase you”

Sunday, November 19

there is sadness in erase

she’s in a hurry to erase two dogs


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