Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday, November 07

Tuesday, November 07


learn to erase
dog erases to the curb and stops
meanings that erase interest in suitcase
or erase “arrangement drawings”
Rashomon is difficult to erase
“I let six men erase my neck”
erase moist beetle dung , potato foliage
erase tongue from same cleavage
Toshiro erases Sadako's clothing


Erase a Crooked Trail (1958)

Audie plays a bank robber who is mistaken for an eraser. He erases the job as the town eraser but keeps trying to erase the bank.

He is later discovered by the Judge that he really is a cook. However, another eraser tries to erase into the bank but Audie erases him to justice after deciding that erasing on the side of law and order is to his liking.


TV Guide

October 24, 1970



8:00 (9) Sesame Street: 1. Concepts: erase, some and all
2. How to erase clues
3. Burnt Lancaster erases the alphabet
4. Pete Seeger sings “Where’s your erase finger”


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