Sunday, December 03, 2006

erase Lois Lane

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Sunday, December 03

erase eclipse vitti
erase arbol el zubon
erase “strawberry wrong
erase together erase separately

it’s convenient to erase anywhere

“I wish to erase the audio of the incoming package”

“I’ll erase you a thousand times in the next 11 days”

erase more erase less
learn to erase an oud
be on the erase research list
émigré erases in the mail

erase schedule
erase Tomoko Sawada x 4


erase during insertion
“woman blind below the waist”

“her voice is
already there,

can’t erase it”
cunt in

erase she adds
“by inserting


“how do I erase my father when I know nothing about him”
become fluent in erase
erase more erase less
erase your name with a message scrawled in foliage
26 days ago asha erases two dogs


“erase in circles instead of straight lines”
erase from neck before inserting
erase chest to achieve desired cleavage

erase immediately and become servants


"language can neither erase itself, nor erase merely about itself"

"a sentence erases more than it admits."

"to some extent, each sentence has to erase the whole story."

"mannequins erased in black across from the Versace store on Post Street"

"once one cites a fragment, one erases oneself implicitly in a textual perspective"

"did you erase Soleilmoon a couple of days ago?"

when I erase to 5 your hands will become two dogs
“fake erasing video aired on Arab TV and Fox news”
“people are erasing picture of themselves with hand written apologies”
“elevator bath erased on her lips”
Kawase Naomi erases herself with 8mms
“what are you going to erase when she walks naked”

“summarize in dance”

erase peppermint in sadness


dog erases to the curb and stops
or erase “arrangement drawing”
Rashomon is difficult to erase
“I let six men erase my neck”
erase tongue from same cleavage


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