Friday, May 07, 2010

you said




you said the swimsuits were bleeding

you said at alarm 30


you said someone left a dead bird in a box

you said Roscoe doesn’t like it when I laugh

you said I can’t breathe


you said 22 kisses

you said let’s go get pink

you said do some smaller chairs, lots of them


you said this one makes me cry

you said you want me to talk about earrings

you said I have a cat sleeping on my leg

you said I’m all the porn you need

you said I like the green on green


you said this is the one not the one prior to this one

you said I found a receipt dated December 17, 1998 – one Superman ring – size six - $85


you said you’re not Japanese anymore

you said I’m losing my Mother’s voice

you said sleep where my legs are suppose to be





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