Sunday, August 15, 2010

you said




you said I don’t know if you know what I know

you said tell me what you know

you said she doesn’t like it when I can’t breathe

you said you have a cock obsession

you said no tv, I’ll dance for you


you said I will always be younger than you, but we’re not young anymore

you said Shanghai is not on my list

you said no hands

you said some of your swimmers are pregnant

you said 3:20 for the limp you didn’t know about

you said I don’t want to sleep with the guards


you said I’m on page 6 in the purple shirt

you said kisses with no hands

you said you will never make it as a woman

you said upper left next to the B enclosed in red


you said thirsty droopy tulips as I open the door

you said still wrapped in a towel the doorbell rings

you said nice in my eyes, not yours

you said “p” – depends on what you’re calling it today

you said they still do




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