Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 26

Sunday, February 26

“detarame na yoru”
suika suie

tv news with no volume
mistake entrance as exit
same conversation for twenty minutes

project: Brain Jones playing sitar
things difficult to translate
surface vomiting
accident entries
emergency initials

tasting oranges for twenty minutes
elevator door opens

pen scrapes amputee on paper
there is music, but no vocals

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 25

Saturday, February 25

“is that watercolor”

“no, soy sauce”

(young woman drawing rabbits)


6th Annual Monster Drawing
one hundred artists, four one hour shifts
25 artists drawing simultaneously each hour
drawings available for purchase: $50 each


girl sitting to the right, tracing street map


“what kind of paper are you using”

“I don’t know, I found it at Flax”

(pink translucent paper with white texture)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 23

Thursday, February 23

circles compose paper
with no

Aneesha asking how
do you

‘mom’ in Albuquerque
: almond blossoms

the left, dogs
barking, counted

five running back
to their

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 22

Wednesday, February 22

evening, of us
Hashi Yukio: Che Che Che (1964)
hills soaked in mist: orange fragrance in the air
things in damp foliage

Friday, February 17, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 17

Friday, February 17

adhesive residue on cassette “strangles me in my sleep “

Tetsujin-28 with blue hands, nurse speaking
Chinese adjacent to the hospital

ghost visits daughter

ten days left in scissors

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 15

Wednesday, February 15

Cassette Swimsuits 15

same nipples same tongue
same tears same glue
same dogs same knees
same desk same plate
same incision same wound
same chairs same amputee
same ambulance same hospital
same posture same tofu
same clients same lamp
same shower same $60

contiguity imposes alignment:
“We waited

hour and I
said – fuck
, let's

go! She starts
kneeling at

same furaipan same ice cream
same margins same radio
same dialect same minutes
same foliage same address
same pause same sentence

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 14

Monday, February 13

“Nippon no fasshon
te itta

furaipan ice cream
menko, sheet

Tuesday, February 14

first kiss: pre-moistened
lens cleaning

tear open packet
and remove

avoid contact with
same question

first kiss: limbs
shadow, they

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 11

Saturday, February 11

Cassette Swimsuits 15

wooden textile spools cut in half lengthwise glued to Kafka
Tetsujin-28 with blue hands
surge “pillows between knees”
news: game show stampede: 74 dead contestants
"strange days" occur quite frequently
nylon stockings stretched from the wall to the floor
gampishi: wild goose skin paper”
five oranges painted vertically
thought to be lost but was found a few years ago in Osaka
Rashomon: an old woman plucking hair from the dead to make wigs
“ isn't there anyone to come and strangle me quietly in my sleep? “
delay aisle acacias
women speaking Chinese adjacent to the hospital
coin smudged with detergent
adhesive residue on cassette

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 9

Thursday, February 09

Cassette Swimsuits 15

Nick Park: A Grand Day Out (1989
Bill Plympton: Your Face (1987
Caroline Leaf : Entre Deux Soeurs /Two Sister (1990
Erica Russel: Feet The Song (1989
Igor Kovalyov: Bird in the Window (1996
Joanna Quinn: Body Beautiful (1990
Koji Yamamura: Atama yama / Mt Head (2002
Pritt Parn: Karl ja Marilyn / Karl and Marilyn (2003
Sarah Watt: Small Treasures, 1995
Akiyuki Nosaka: Hotaru no Hoshi / Grave of the Fireflies (1988
Yuko Tone: Omoide Poroporo / Only Yesterday (1991
Tex Avery : Red Hot Riding Hood (1943
Hanna and Barbera: The Cat Concerto (1947
Chuck Jones: What’s Opera, Doc? (1957
Dave Fleisher: Superman (1941



50,000 surged forward
dead contestants

random from the
audience dead

lined up on
the street

faces covered with
towels and

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 8

Wednesday, February 08

Cassette Swimsuits 15

2 Severed bisque doll’s head, 1920s
3 Bisque dolls with missing arms and legs, 1920s
American Fruit Jar Rings with box, 1920s
3 Medicine bottles (amber with labels intact), 1910s - 1930s
2 Piano Rolls with box, 1950s
Bobbie Smith “Bobbie” Pins with box, 1950s
4 Wooden textile spools (bobbins), 1930s
Dress pattern (factory folded with envelope intact), 1950s
Pair of wooden shoe molds, 1940s
2 Brass water sprayers with pump and spout, 1960s
11 Chinese wooden stools (various sizes), 1930s – 1960s
Doughboy Big 72 Mammoth Caps with envelope intact, 1940s
Robert Crumb: Pioneers of Country Music (40 cards) box intact, 1983
Mao Tse-Tung in a blue uniform (ceramic statue) 1970s
Letter from Sachiko, 2 sheets (with pages missing), undated

(Finds at Alameda Flea Market)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Found Letter at Alameda Flea Market (pages missing

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

…, the anticipation cruelly betrayed me.
When Henry kindly took a boat out to tell you that I came to see you, I nearly wept for joy, but he told me that you had switched work shifts with your friend and couldn’t leave the ship. I reluctantly gave up meeting you in Osaka and went to Kobe next day and waited for you. To my disappointment, it was such a windy day that the wind speed over the ocean was 20 kilometers per hour. I figured I wouldn’t be able to see you then and decided to wait yet another day, praying for our reunion.

You never showed up at Mama-san’s house in Kobe, though. I was dying to see you again – I had been taking English conversation class every evening and studying so hard just to talk to you even in broken English. You and I speak different languages and have different cultures and customs. That may be part of the reason that we might have misunderstood each other, but I was just so upset and exhausted both physically and mentally.

What a tragedy – I had such huge expectations from self-serving pretension. My sorrow and anger has been taken over by hate. Why didn’t you see me? While I gave you the benefit of doubt thinking that you may have had so much work and been unable to leave the ship, I also wrapped myself up in paranoia that you had somebody else that you wanted to see.

I have to forget about you as if nothing has ever happened. I can still control myself with reasons. My heart is broken in pieces, but I want to say this – I regret my imprudence and ask you to return my picture.


P.S. I never lose my pride as Japanese.

(translated by Maki)

found letter at Alameda Flea Market
Sunday, Feb 5

Monday, February 06, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 6

Monday, February 06

Cassette Swimsuits 15

Mark Beyer: Agony (1987
Frederic Boilet: Yukiko’s Spinach (2001
Boilet & Takahama: Mariko Parade (2004
Jiro Taniguchi: Aruku Hito (1998
Seth: Clyde Fans Book 1 (2004
Mitsuru Adachi: Touch (1993
Julie Doucet: My New York Diary (1999
Chris Ware: The Acme Novelty Date Book (2003
Seth: It’s A Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken (1996
Suehiro Maruo: New National Kid (2001
Yoshiro Tatsumi: The Push Man and other stories (1969
Daniel Clowes: Ice Haven (2005
Baru: Road to America (1990
Art Spiegelman: Maus: A Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History (1987
Bill Sienkiewisz: Stray Toasters (1988

legs ache, consumers
respond to

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 5

Sunday, February 05

Cassette Swimsuits 15

Atomic Gun: Haji (1960s
Space Jet Gun: KO (1950s – 1960s
Astroray Gun: Shudo (1960s
Baby Space Gun (with box): Daiya (1950s
Space Control Gun (with box): Nomura (1950s
Misora Hibari Cowboy Pistol: maker unknown (1950s
Cosmic Ray Gun (with box): Ranger Steel Products (1950s
Sparking Cowboy Pistol (with box): TS (1950s
G-Man Sparking Automatic (with red box): Marx (1940s
G-Man Sparking Automatic (with green box): Marx (1940s
Atom Ray Gun (with brass tip): Hiller (1948
Buck Rogers Disintegrator Pistol (copper): Daisy (1930s
Buck Rogers Disintegrator Pistol (blue steel): Daisy (1940s
Buck Rogers Rocket Pistol (XZ-31) Daisy (1930s
Buck Rogers Atomic Pistol: Daisy (1940s

(cocked by pumping
the hand

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 4

Image hosting by Photobucket

Saturday, February 04

Cassette Swimsuits 15

Address Unknown: Kim Ki-Duk (2001
Me and You and Everyone Else: Miranda July (2005
Tony Takitani: Jun Ichikawa: (2005
Café Lumiere: Hou Hsiao-Hsien (2003
Crash: Paul Haggis (2004
The Wayward Cloud: Tsai Ming-Liang (2005
Grizzly Man: Werner Herzog (2005
Ugetsu Monogatari: Kenji Mizugochi: 1953
Kurutta Kajitsu (Crazed Fruit): Ko Nakahira (1956
Kuroneko: Kaneto Shindo (1968
Meshi (Repast) Mikio Naruse (1951
Metropolis: Fritz Lang (1927
3 Iron: Kim Ki-Duk (2004
Daremo Shiranai (Nobody Knows): Hirokazu Koreeda (2004
2046: Wong Kai-Kar (2004

Friday, February 03, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 3

Thursday, February 02

found in desk

Nenes concert ticket stub: Tokyo, 1993
monthly train passes from Omori to Negishi: Showa 39 – 42
Émigré Fonts Catalogue:2004 (163 pages
Untitled (seats), Toba Khedoori Exhibition Program: MOCA: April 6 – July 13, 1997
Misora Hibari question: “all three singers were born in the same year, 1937”

measuring tape (fabric
rolled in

menko: Tetsujin-28 (circa 1950

skin disguised as
blotched ducks

wife convinces body
parts to

husband: students arrested
for speaking

kogeta waishatsu hada
ni chira

translation: burnt shirt
scatters on

"let's run away
and become


(John Solt Remix)

“hooker outside café
winks, smiles

guy inside, he
swigs down

coffee, exits - gets
her into

taxi so quickly,
I don’t

if they settled
on a


page 332: It
was somebody’s

and not a
pear tree
– sunken

fields covered with
page 622:

off your dress
- naked bodies
tumble –

two kissing tongues
Kenneth Rexroth

Thursday, February 02, 2006

how many clues

how many clues
in cleavage

many wild geese
gasping from

nipples - “of glue,
swimsuits and

imposed by skin
mannequin lower

“films in which
buildings do

appear" - tongue tears
from same

woman arrives missing
one arm,

Shanghai $60: how
many swimsuits

Superman: dance does
not hide


add vagina 30
minutes at

temperature, stirring occasionally
keeping center


woman misses train
as the

closes ~ measure feet
from tongue:

in circles instead
of straight

“fuselage by three”
front oval

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes February 1

Tuesday, January 31

add vagina 30
minutes at

temperature, stirring occasionally
keeping center


“rollers apply pesticide
to the

neck” : “female pigs
are fierce

Misora Hibari question

Kappa Boogie Woogie: 1949
Ringo Oiwake: 1952
Yawara: 1964
Kanashii Sake: 1966
Kawa no nagare no yō ni: 1989

“at Roppongi kosaten
guzen ni

circus girl and
friend passing

Kobanzame Oyakushi Jingi: 1965
Kyouen Yukinojo Henge: 1957
Hanakasa Wakashu: 1958
Benten Kozo: 1960
Hibari Ohako Benten Kozo: 1960
Benten Kozo: 1958
Benten Kozo: 1928

Pablo acquires his
name at

project: scroll poem
with notebook

Wednesday, February 01

leaves for Hiroshima
to join

people on bridge
waiting for

Mitsukoshi, left escalator,
3rd floor

arrives in a
new blouse

jazz in vinyl
“all three

were born in
the same

project: ask pedestrians
to clench

same Cat Power
since Friday

object that is
identical to

is without reality”
kaiju obscurity

did she hide
her boyfriend’s