Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes October 6

Friday, October 06

about leg collapses, spilling tea on Netsuke
about “followed her lover to the eastern front disguised as a man”
about airport sketches in notebook
about condom stapled to fuck fuck fuck poem x 150 sheets 150 condoms
about “Meaning it is not a process which accompanies a word”
about Takuboku Poems To Eat postcard translated by Carl Sesar, a reading
about vocals and shamisen, Nishimatsu Fue
about “she was plagued with a beautiful voice since she was six years old”
about one armed magician, Ricky Jay
about strip club up the hill, valet parking $20
about private party new club will open next week
about Debbie Gibson in blue slacks walking her dog
about Richie Haven singing Pink Floyd
about address across the street
about Music for Eighteen Musicians
about “Hard Gay, $20”
about asian girl sitting next to me returns with a menu
about “flashback does not exist in Joseph Von Sternberg”
about Marlene Dietrich and Hildegard Knef were close friends
about the corner of Harper and Fountain
about Ohno Kazue’s centenary
about finding another used copy to tag swimsuits
about In a Lonely Place, script by Andrew Solt

Question from Female Student

“Does the text say:

‘Is the panty wrapped around the cunt, or

the cunt holding the panty’?”

Chizuko Ueno: A Theater Under The Skirt

Sukaato no Shita no Gekijo


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