Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cassette Swimsuits (working notes October 10

Sunday, October 08

about Tanizaki Jun’ichiro writing in Kyoto dialect
about “melodic Kansai variant”
about “nani shitaharu no?” / “what are you doing?”
about Neko to Shozo to Futari no Onna (1936) (A Cat, Shozo and Two Women)
about address across the street Nicholas Ray
about Gift Horse, film based on Hildegard Knef’s autobiography in pre-production

address across the street Nicholas Ray

“how are you?”

“between pictures”

“we’ll have dinner tonight, but not together”

“$20 cab fare, 2 tens”

dialogue across the script Andrew Solt

Monday, October 09

about Drumming, 84 minutes
about apartment near she adds
about “by inserting them”
about piano to the records
about interest in
about weapon planning, execution
about meanings that frame
about recurrent aquarium
about mouth interspersed with
about opening for The Who
about in April the space program
about saxophone sources, approach to
about Ray Gun Suitcase
about cassette swimsuits 15
about Afternoon Penis, Up All Night (Our Mouth CD-R)
about playing Feldman with chalk on pavement
about melodic decay

Tuesday, October 10

about marimbas and female voices
about details, because “intentions, occurring”
about instead, they
about hollow, letting go
about repetitive knot
about insects evoke
about taping “melodic Kansai variant”
about 2 more Jigs and Fixtures arrive in the mail
about the room emits Reich 70
about sleeves, intentional
about “pushes it out of phase with itself”
about insects evoke hollow, letting go
about “take a sad song and make it better”
about template for
about dubs reviewed by Steve Barker
about “pour water, pond brims”
about rain falling from
about swimsuits deployed in melodic decay

rain falling from
“melodic Kansai


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